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Hello Future Retailer

We are so excited that you interested in joining our distribution network. We absolutely love to support other businesses and we promise to make it worthwhile.


Here are some things you would need to know to distribute our products:


We have two options for distribution, the RETAILER and DROP-SHIPPER option.


For the RETAILER option, the minimum order requirement is $100 and you get the products at a discount of 30%-50% off depending on the quantity your order. We will send you a price-list with our retailers discount price and recommended selling price once you register.


For the DROP-SHIPPING option, drop-shippers would be provided with a custom discount code that gives 15% off all products on our website. When you get an order for products, you come on our website, place an order for the products with your custom discount code and we process and deliver the order on your behalf. Hence, you make a 15% commission on every custom order you place on our website. Please note that a small registration fee of $15 as a drop-shipping agent applies.


Benefits of joining our distribution network:

    1. Retailers and drop-shippers get listed on our distributor’s list and we refer customers to them in their respective location.
    2. Retailers and drop-shippers get to be promoted on all our social media platforms.
    3. Retailers get product samples for all new products
    4. Retailers and drop-shippers are authorised to use our product images for the sole purpose of distributing our products.


If you are interested in Retailing or Drop-shipping our products, register below!