Holy Grail Mixing Medium
Holy Grail Mixing Medium
Holy Grail Mixing Medium

Holy Grail Mixing Medium

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EA Beauty Holy Grail is the perfect mixing medium that turns any loose pigment into a creamy or liquid smudge-proof finish that dries instantly. It is a must-have for every beauty lover. A "few drops" is all you need! EA Beauty Holy Grail works perfectly with our neon, shimmer, and sparkle pigments.

  • Pour your desired quantity of pigment onto a mixing palette.
  • Then add two or three drops of EA Beauty Holy grail.
  • Mix till you have a creamy consistency.
  • Apply on the desired area and let it dry in seconds.
  • Pro-tip: Use a few drops per time to avoid waste. A little goes a long way!

Aqua, alcohol, acrylates, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Courtney Mains

I absolutely love this stuff. It turns any pigment or powder into a stay put liner that doesn’t crack. Honestly I like this stuff better than Duraline. I will be back to purchase this level and over again!


Works great with any loose pigment.

Bunny Wiliker
Mix well for amazing results.

I recently have been doing videos with special fx makeup and have dabbled in their Neon colors for a while... Once I got my small bottle of the Holy Grail it made the makeup so much better! My best advice is to make sure you mix very well so it doesn't get clumpy. It also dries very fast so use quickly if you mix a lot together. I highly recommend this mixing medium for the Neon Pigments. πŸ–€

Jenifer Bloom

I received the product I tested it just for fun when I got it and I've used it every day since! It is amazing color and coverage that you achieve is insane! So glad I bought this and I will be buying it again. On a side note it smells fantastic..

Alexis Cruz
Found It!!!

Honestly the best mixing medium I've found so far! I went to a Sephora store and Ulta store and they both had nothing for mixers and then one girl even suggested a makeup setting spray to mix with and all I can say is DONT DO IT! it ruined my palette but luckily I only used on one and then I bought this and Thank You Eedas Atelier because it actually works!!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–